​​​​​On Friday, 17 February 2017, Premier Helen Zille delivered the State of the Province Address at the opening of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. 

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Read Premier Helen Zille's 2017 State of the Province Address.

What is the State of the Province Address (SoPA)?

  • The State of the Province Address is a speech made by the Premier or provincial head.
  • The event usually marks the official opening of the Provincial Parliament.
  • The speech is delivered in front of members of the provincial executive, including the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and the Secretary.

Who can attend?

  • Ordinary sittings of the provincial parliament are open to the general public, but because of a shortage of space, only invited guests and members of the provincial parliament can attend the event.

Provincial Strategic Plan (PSP)

The State of the Province address will be an opportunity for citizens to get an update regarding the achievement of our vision of an open opportunity society for all as set out in the Western Cape's PSP.

The 5 Provincial Strategic Goals (PSGs) contained in the PSP are:

  1. Create opportunities for growth and jobs
    We're committed to creating an enabling environment to attract investment, grow the economy and create jobs by supporting high growth economic sectors.
  2. Improve education outcomes and opportunities for youth development
    We’re committed to expanding quality education across the province and providing opportunities for youth to realise their full potential.
  3. Increase wellness and safety, and tackle social ills
    We’re committed to addressing health, safety and social ills by supporting healthy communities, a healthy workforce, and healthy families, youth and children.
  4. Enable a resilient, sustainable, quality and inclusive living environment 
    We’re committed to improving urban and rural areas through enhanced management of land, an enhanced climate change plan, and better living conditions for all.
  5. Embed good governance and integrated service delivery through partnerships and spatial alignment 
    We’re committed to delivering good governance and an inclusive society that increases access to information, in partnership with active citizens, business and institutions.

Click on the images below to view the infographics:

SOPA 2017 apprenticeships SOPA 2017 economic-progress-
SOPA 2017 connectivity SOPA 2017Quality Education
SOPA 2017 Small Business SOPA 2017 Land Reform


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Helen Zille SOPA 2017    Helen Zille SOPA 2017

Helen Zille SOPA 2017    Helen Zille SOPA 2017

Helen Zille SOPA 2017    Helen Zille SOPA 2017

Helen Zille SOPA 2017    Helen Zille SOPA 2017