This year the Province increased the total prize money to R1,8 million. The overall winner will win a R100 000 cash prize and international trip to a trade fair or conference to the value of R100 000. The areas of recognition were also expanded from five to twelve categories. The competition attracted more than 300 entrants.

PERA is sponsored by Absa, Deloitte, Business Partners and Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

The winners will be announced at a gala awards ceremony on 19 November 2015.

Premier Helen Zille and Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, today (15 October 2015) announced the competition’s finalists.

Premier Zille said: ‘Creating access to opportunities for entrepreneurs is always exciting. If we can identify entrepreneurs who are willing to work hard and make use of their opportunities, our economy will grow. The PERAs are excellent platform to do so. I look forward to the final ceremony later this year’.

Minister Winde said: “Through the awards we are seeking to celebrate entrepreneurial excellence in our province. The finalists in the competition prove that the Western Cape is home to innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are important job creators who employ around 500 000 people in the province and I’d like to wish all of this year’s finalists well.”

Please see the full list of finalists below:


Learning Lab Apps
Adrian Marnewick, Dereck Marnewick, Mike Schulz

Learning Lab Apps develops web and mobile-based educational apps to make learning and teaching easier.

Phyto Pro
Yesheen Singh

Phyto Pro was started when its owner, a medical doctor in search of an anti-inflammatory, non-allergenic protein solution to recommend to patients came across pea protein. This emerging business now provides consumers who are looking to replace part or all of their animal protein-based foods with a clean, green, complete protein solution.

Eckehard Sixt

Techtrend focuses on LED product design, mainly problem-solving designs. In contrast to other LED companies that import and assemble lighting components, Techtrend designs and manufactures unique lighting for the industrial, commercial and agricultural industries from its premises in Atlantis.


Tractor Outdoor
Murray McWilliams

Established in 2001, Tractor Outdoor (TO) offers brands out-of-home advertising opportunities across South Africa. The advertising mediums offered include iconic and traditional billboards, beach media, transit advertising and innovative projects and activations.

NCC Environmental Services
Linden Rhoda

Founded in 2003, NCC is an environmental consultancy that focuses on the provision of conservation and biodiversity services, environmental management, health and safety consulting services and training and development programmes.

Bergendal Rooibos
Liezl Jantjies, Ronel van Zyl, Mark Hendricks

Bergendal Rooibos, a Rooibos processing plant and a joint venture between the Bergendal Workers’ Trust, Carmien Tea and the Bergendal Farming Operations, started in 2006. The company has a custom-built facility where it processes and packages large volumes of Rooibos procured from Bergendal and other farms in the surrounding areas.


David Drew

AgriProtein diverts hundreds of tons of organic waste from landfill every week, using the nutrients to grow flies and their larvae – maggots – the natural feed for chickens and fish. Each ton of its product thereby allows up to three tons of fish (ground up into fishmeal and used in agricultural feed) to be left in our seas.

Ian Duvenage

While the business started as an attempt to understand the interplay between software and hardware, and connecting that to the cloud, the company now enables the development of technology products in Africa, for Africa, through using the creative and engineering skills that are available locally.

David de Waal

Steeple was started in the Bandwidth Barn technology incubator in Cape Town in 2012 with the aim of using technology to make the real estate sales process more efficient and cost-effective for sellers. The company now offers a service that allows it to sell properties throughout South Africa from a single office in Cape Town.


Clint Crowster

askOsca provides recruitment and business process outsourcing services to local, US and UK companies. After two years, the business employs 30 people who work with clients in the UK, US and locally and who make calls to people in all the Nordic countries, Germany, Italy and Spain. Some of these locally trained staff are now top agents for their respective clients.

Mpower Waste
Peter Petersen

Started in 2007, this waste collection and recycled plastics manufacturing business now operates from Van Rhynsdorp, approximately 300km from Cape Town, in a local community where up to 80% of the population were previously unemployed. Today the business employs 89 full-time and 55 part-time employees – one person from every household in the surrounding community. 

OT Joiners
Burger Kraemer, Vincent den Ouden

OT Joiners was founded in 2012 supplying laminated timber beams. Setting up a manufacturing operation is a capital intensive business but the company has not only managed to generate a profit from the first year but create 26 full-time jobs.


Tinus le Roux

Fancam captures the crowd at large events in one single high-definition image, which is made available online for fans to tag themselves and share via social media. The 360-degree interactive image ("Fancam") is then used as a platform on which the sponsor's brand is integrated to serve as a digital advertising medium.

Rarity Handbags
Jacqueline Burge

The owner of Rarity (which produced ostrich leather products) was approached by a farmer’s wife who explained that farmers usually burnt springbok skins as there was no commercial use for them. Jacqueline bravely set up a small factory to manufacture these hides. Today, Rarity Handbags are exported to over 14 countries and have even been proudly carried by royals attending royal events in Europe!

Debbie Katz

Ti-TaMED is a manufacturing company that specialises in the development and manufacture of a spinal implant system as well as high precision OEM items. One of the components in its spinal system has been internationally patented and the company holds international certifications to manufacture a range of highly specialised precision-engineered products that are also exported to the USA, Sri Lanka, Romania, the Middle East, Europe, the UK and New Zealand.

Triggerfish Animation
Stuart Forrest

Triggerfish Animation conceives, develops, produces and distributes original animated feature films that are translated into over 27 languages and licensed in around 150 countries around the world.


Township Patterns
Nicole Iresch

When the founder of Township Patterns first visited the homes of women in Khayelitsha, she was amazed at the colour and vibrant patterns on display. To create the township® range some years later, a group of Paris-based designers interpreted and translated recurring township colours, patterns, shapes and textures into distinctive print designs.  To date more than local 120 women have received sewing skills and business training and there are now eight autonomous co-operatives that earn an income sewing Fair Trade bags and fashion accessories for the company.

TSiBA Career Centre
Graham Moore

Focusing on the recruitment and placement of unemployed youth and early career professionals into employment, TSiBA Career Centre was started as a means of generating scholarship revenue for TSiBA students. TSiBA Career Centre not only places people in employment, but also provides workplace preparation and readiness interventions for unemployed youth and graduates.

Vula Mobile (Mafami)
William Mapham

Inspired while volunteering at the Vula Amehlo Eye Clinic in Swaziland, a Cape Town ophthalmologist explored the use of innovation in eye care.

Launched in June 2014, the Vula Mobile App connects health workers in remote and underserved areas directly with specialists who are able to assist in diagnosis and recommend treatment options or provide urgent referrals in the case of serious conditions.

BrightHouse Solar
Gabriella Garnett, Devin Race, Nicholas Bestbier, Leigh De Decker, Mark Bleloch, Jenna Bleloch

When a couple in Constantia became the first homeowners to sign an individual power purchase agreement with the City of Cape Town (for generating power in a residential area and exporting the surplus back to the City’s grid for credit), they were unprepared for the ensuing media interest. BrightHouse Solar was born. The business promotes the grid-tied model, in an industry where most players are pushing self-generation and on-site battery storage, without feedback to the city.

Cold Gold Artisan Ice Cream
Janine van Zyl

In late 2011, a trained chef decided to introduce 100% natural ice cream and sorbet to the Western Cape. Using local, sustainable, ingredients and practices and catering for those with specific dietary requirements, Cold Gold Artisan ice cream (there are now over 800 different flavours) is not only delicious but free from preservatives, artificial additives and chemicals.

Postwink Recycling Solutions
Berenice Westmore

Postwink’s wide range of recycling bins encourages separation of waste at source, look good even in sophisticated offices. Postwink developed a recycling igloo suited to the South African context – one that all collectors can empty by using manual labour and a small vehicle. The company has continued to innovate and now supplies a large range of bins, services and signage, as well as a new planet-friendly enzyme cleaner.


Cuppa Campus
Dewald Müller

The idea for Cuppa Campus started in 2013 when the owner, then a first-year student at Stellenbosch University, realised that walking around campus with a cup had become a status symbol. He then installed Nescafe Coffee vending machines at different spots on campus to provide students with hot beverages at affordable prices. The cups are now used as advertising medium and the marketing income has enabled the business to sell beverages at below-competitive prices thereby increasing the number of cups sold per month.

Growth Op
Bianca Vernes

The Grow Up Garden is a concept aimed at making micro-farming affordable, accessible and efficient by providing consumers with an all-inclusive vertical food growing system. The first pilot of the latest design is being conducted and a low-run manufacturer has been identified.

Adrian Peter Bunge

TutorX aims to provide a personalised and interactive education solution through online video calling together with a shared white board. The plan is to link learners to a national database of student-tutors attending South Africa universities. The online facilitation of tutoring overcomes a significant logistical barrier between the learner and tutor. This increases the number of tutors available to learners, which would enable better learner-tutor matching and substantially reduces the cost of tutoring.


Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof (Stellenbosch)
Entrants: Jana de Villiers, Louise Buhrmann (Smart Alarm)

The idea of the Smart Alarm is that a means of security could be offered to people in low income houses at an affordable cost. After a Smart Alarm is installed, the home owner/occupier would nominate a number of people living in close proximity to his/her house to be “guardian angels” and these guardians would be notified via cell phone if the alarm is triggered. In this way, the monitoring and response costs associated with traditional alarms could be eliminated.

As the alarm would be built using cell phone technology, the power requirements for setup and operation would also be minimised.

Hugenote Hoërskool (Wellington)
Entrant: Karel van Niekerk (Karel’s Hockey Shop)

When he was in Grade 8 at Hugenote Hoërskool, Karel who is the youngest of three brothers, noticed that his mother always had to travel to Cape Town to buy hockey equipment as there was little available in Wellington, the town where he lived.

He made an arrangement with a supplier to supply a range of hockey goods on consignment, which Karel then sold to people in the Boland town. Now in Grade 11, Karel’s Hockey Shop is a thriving business, so much so that he is one of the sponsors of his school’s first hockey team and his equipment is also sold in other towns in the Boland.


High-res images of the finalists are available on request.

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